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Other Guard Members= 0 pts
(dont take out fellow members you twit!)
Flute = 10
(you cant hear em anyways!)
Clarinet = 10
(this should be an easy target)
Saxophone = 15
(they think they're so cool)
Trumpet = 20
(need I explain why to hit these?)
Trombone = 25
(those slide thingies are always getting in the way!)
Baritone = 35
(wouldnt be fair to hit everyone else and not them)
Sousaphone = 50
(if they can move with that thing by now they deserve it)
Drumline = 55
(any chance to injure drummers should be exploited!!!)
Drum Major = 65
(go ahead and climb up on the podium, you can say you got lost)
Band Director = 75
(nice one....)
Guard Instructor = 100
(Take that miss 500 dropspins a day!)
Feild Judge = 1000
(it's your fault I messed up! add 5 points to the guard score to compensate!)

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